How Wind Tre manages environmental impacts of its activities and how it helps its client companies to contain their own

In the environmental field, our stakeholder's expectations concern, on the one hand, the containment of the impacts that the operational activity generates on the environment, and on the other, a support for the changes in habits and lifestyles that reduce the environmental impact, and that occur thanks to the diffusion of digital communication technologies.
The main environmental impacts generated by Wind Tre's operations are those produced by its telecommunications infrastructures and technology facilities. In this field, the company's commitment is mainly on the rationalization of the consumption of natural resources, energy and raw materials. In particular, the targets are related to the reduction of CO2 emissions, fundamental to fight climate change.

The Wind Tre – WWF partnership on climate and energy

The main environmental impact generated by Wind Tre's operations is linked to the energy consumption of its telecommunications network infrastructure, which includes network devices and data centres that require a constant electrical power supply, as well as air conditioning in many cases, in order to keep the devices within a constant temperature range.
Since 2014 Wind cooperates with WWF Italy on climate change issues, one of the most urgent environmental needs, that is deeply connected with the growing demand for energy, with a commitment for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. A commitment that brought, between 2014 and 2016, to a 54% reduction of CO2 emissions by traffic unit and, additionally, to an increase in investments in renewable energy by the company.
After the Wind – H3G merger, Wind Tre conducted jointly with WWF experts a new complete analysis of its greenhouse gas emissions, that certified that more than 90% of them is generated by the electricity consumption of the company telecommunications network.
In line with the previous goals, Wind Tre committed to reduce by 2020 its consumption by traffic unit by a further 50%, and to stabilize its CO2 emissions in front of an expected increase in data traffic by two and a half times compared to 2016. 

Services to improve the customers environmental impact

Wind Tre offers several services to his consumer and business customers that allow them to attain the opportunities offered by digital technologies for reducing their consumption and improve their environmental impact.
Examples are the Work & Life solutions, developed by Wind Tre in partnership with Microsoft and Samsung, that allow companies and their employees to reduce physical transfers, with positive impacts on the environment and on their quality of life. The Digital Home & Life portfolio solutions support customers in keeping pace with technology, but helps them also to improve their environmental sustainability. For example, thanks to connected Thermostats, which are capable of controlling the home’s temperature in an intelligent manner, customers can easily save money and limit their CO2 emissions.
In the various sectors of industry, energy production and distribution, transport, agriculture, and public administration, Wind Tre is establishing commercial and technological partnerships in order to develop IoT solutions designed to help companies and end users leverage innovation to improve their quality of work and lifestyle: to conserve and consciously use the energy resources available (smart energy, smart metering), to obtain details regarding food production/distribution cycles (smart food and blockchain), to correlate environmental data in order to prevent certain forms of illnesses (smart health), and to perform monitoring activities in order to render certain areas of our cities more secure (smart city). Some of these services are currently in a trial phase in L’Aquila and Prato, where Wind Tre won the experimentation tender called by the MISE.

Elettromagnetic fields

Wind Three is aware of the fact that the electromagnetism generated by its network infrastructure raises concern among the general public. For this reason, in addition to constantly monitoring its own emissions, the company is also committed to furthering the scientific research in this field, and helping to improve the general knowledge in this area. Furthermore, thanks to its participation at the EU Horizon2020 and 5GPPP round table meetings, Wind Tre is able to monitor the developments relating to these issues on a European-wide scale.
The electromagnetic emission monitoring activities conducted by Wind Tre have always recorded values significant lower than those established by Italian law, which prescribes limits that are far more stringent than those applied throughout the rest of Europe.
For new installations as well as expansions, Wind Tre performs preventive electromagnetic emissions monitoring in order to ensure that the level of overall emissions within the target area - which includes all the sources present therein (radio-tv repeaters, etc.) – remains within the levels required by law, even downstream of the installation or expansion.
Furthermore, as of 2015, the monitoring data for the plants covered by the regulations of 12/12/2014 , which require the average daily power to be verified, have been rendered available on the regional ARPA websites (links available at http://www.isprambiente.gov.it/it/sistema-nazionale-protezione-ambiente/ARPA-APPA).
Wind Tre’s objectives and actions for environmental improvement are listed in the Integrated Management System Policy (link), which contains the principles, guidelines and objectives of the entire field of application of the System and the aims that guide the Business processes

The support for the project GenerAction Sea

Wind is on the side of WWF side for protecting the Mediterranean Sea, an invaluable heritage of our planet. By subscribing the solidale option Wind customers can support GenerAction Sea, the WWF campaign to protect the Mediterranean and protect the animals who live in it, such as marine turtles, too often threatened by man’s action and water pollution.
Customers who subscribe the option “Wind and WWF for the Mediterranean” donate 50 cents every month in support of GenerAction Sea, and Wind Tre doubles their donation and gives entirely to sustain the campaign all the collected amounts.