How Wind Tre manages environmental impacts of its activities and how it helps its client companies to contain their own

In the environmental field, our stakeholder's expectations concern, on the one hand, the containment of the impacts that the operational activity generates on the environment, and on the other, support the changes in habits and lifestyles that reduce the environmental impact and that occur thanks to the diffusion of digital communication technologies.

The main environmental impacts generated by Wind Tre's operations are those produced by telecommunications infrastructures and technology facilities. In this field, the company's commitment mainly concerns the rationalization of the consumption of natural resources, energy and raw materials. In particular, the targets relate to the reduction of CO2 emissions, fundamental to fight climate change.

As to electromagnetic emissions, Wind Tre also carries out a careful monitoring and evaluation of the performance of its plants, with the aim of making them more efficient and collaborates with the relevant authorities to check the local emissions produced.

Wind Tre’s objectives and actions for environmental improvement are listed in the Integrated Management System Policy, which contains the principles, guidelines and objectives of the entire field of application of the System and the aims that guide the Business processes.