Wind Tre’s approach to
corporate responsibility

The values which guide the priorities in the company management and in the relationship with the stakeholders

The 5 foundation points of Wind Tre’s approach to the issues regarding corporate social responsibility:

1.    Responsibility at 360°: being responsible means checking the preciseness of every activity starting from the ones linked to the business. See how in our first Sustainability report

2.    Transparency: transparency has always been one of the most important values of the relationship with our clients. We also sustain the value of transparency in our corporate responsibility activities and in the Italian society

3.    Efficiency in the use of the resources: the efficiency in the use of resources allows us to cost less, to improve our environmental impact and to help our clients to improve theirs

4.    Sustain new forms of business and “open” innovation: digital changes everything, starting from the development of new innovative businesses

5.    Involvement in the community: charity initiatives which involve Wind Tre employees and our clients 

Materiality matrix

Wind Tre is engaged in guaranteeing dialogue and maximum transparency towards all the interested potential parts, the so-called “stakeholders” and through them in treating the economic, social and environmental sustainability of its activities.
At the beginning of 2017 we carried out an analysis of the most important issues for Wind Tre and its Stakeholders (“materiality analysis”). As a result, we reported our activities in the Sustainability Report of the new company.
The “materiality matrix” bringing together the issues that are most important for the company with those which are more important for its stakeholders.

The issues which emerged from the matrix are the same which stood out from the 22 company stakeholder “opinion leaders” interviewed by Wind between 2015 and 2016 in the different categories.
For further details check the Sustainability Report.
In the other pages of this section you can find further details of our activities concerning open innovation, support to the economic development and the reduction of CO2 emissions.