Wind Tre’s approach to
corporate responsibility

The foundation points of Wind Tre’s relationship with its stakeholders and of the company social and environmental responsibility activities

1.    Transparency and 360° approach: Wind Tre believes in a Corporate Responsibility approach based on transparency and integrated with its core business. We report regularly on our impact and our choices on the basis of our stakeholders’ interest, and sustain actively the value of transparency, also in the Italian society. Being responsible means checking the fairness of any activity, starting from the business related ones. See how in our Sustainability reports 

2.    Resource Efficiency: We aim at minimizing our use of resources and our environmental impact, and with some of our services we help our customers doing the same. By partnering with leading environmental organizations, we aim at improving continuously our impact and to further advance the culture of environmental sustainability in Italy. For more details see the Environment section 

3.    Digital Learning and Innovation: As a key feature of its role in supporting the development of the Country, Wind Tre supports digital entrepreneurship and innovation, and urge young people to take responsibility for their own future. We sustain education to digital technologies, and education to innovate in a bottom-up and open manner. For more details see the Digital Society section 

4.    Community Involvement: Wind Tre supports the community in which it operates also by promoting initiatives addressed to create social and environmental value, and by encouraging its employees and customers to get involved. For more details see the Community Initiatives section 

The definition of the most important topics

The choice of the principles for non-financial reporting, and of the social and environmental initiatives to bring forward, is guided for Wind Tre by the analysis of the issues more relevant for the strategy and for its stakeholders, e.g. those who have legitimate expectations from the company. 
For more details on this analysis methodology and results, please see our Sustainability reports.

The topics determined to be most important

Privacy and data securityWind Tre’s proper handling of the company’s data and the customers’ data (especially but not exclusively personal data) is an essential requirement for its credibility on the market. The company therefore adopts stringent safeguards and supports numerous activities in this field.
Transparency and responsible marketingWind Tre adopts proper business practices based on the principles of transparency, clarity, simplicity, and fairness towards customers.
Innovation and open innovationInnovation is the driving force behind Wind Tre, and in order to create value and better compete on the market, it increasingly requires the involvement of external subjects (start-ups, universities, laboratories), for a win-win relationship that fosters the system’s overall development.
Reduction of CO2 emissions and smart technologiesWind Tre’s main direct environmental impact consists of the energy consumption of its data centres and network, which are responsible for almost all of the CO2 emissions attributable to the company. Wind Tre has committed itself to energy efficiency projects and to enable its customers doing the same.
Customer Care and Customer SatisfactionIn order to satisfy its customers, Wind Tre responds to and anticipates their needs. The company establishes a unique relationship with each customer, thus allowing it to offer personalised products and services and creating a relation of trust.
Network reliability and coverageA reliable and extensive network is necessary for the provision of all the telecommunications services (voice and data), and makes a significant contribution to the perception of the service quality received.