Community Initiatives

This section collects the company social initiatives to engage clients and employees to support social projects for the community

Involve clients and employees in the Community

Wind Tre believes in the importance of doing business in an ethically sustainable manner, and engages its customers and employees in initiatives that require the company’s active participation.
With regard to its customers, during the course of the year the company renders its infrastructures available for numerous charitable fund-raisers, as well as “cause-related marketing” initiatives, in order to collaborate with its customers in support of social projects alongside various non-profit organisations. With regard to its employees, the company promotes their engagement in the solidarity initiatives promoted by the company, in terms of both direct participation and shared choices.

Charity numbers

Wind and Tre offers charity numbers since 2004 to non-profit organisations, charities, associations, and foundations, in collaboration with the other Italian telecommunications service providers. Thanks to this service, customers can donate € 1 or € 2 by sending a text from their mobile phones, and 2, 5 or 10 € by a fixed line call. The funds raised are entirely transferred to the charity running the project supported.
During the course of 2017, Wind Tre supported a total of 126 initiatives regarding various social and humanitarian issues, such as scientific research, child welfare, support for developing countries, violence against women, and environmental protection, collecting and donating a total amount of about € 3.5 million to the NPOs.

From 2018 entered into force the new “Codice di Autoregolamentazione per la gestione delle numerazioni utilizzate per le raccolte fondi telefoniche per fini benefici di utilità sociale”, that can be seen on the AGCOM website and at the following download.

Charity numbers

Ongoing initiatives
ONLUSProject nameNumberFromTo
FIA#Sfidautismo45589Apr 1 Apr 14
Fondazione Ariel Intorno a me45590Apr 1Apr 13
Operation Smile ItaliaDona una vita di sorrisi45586Apr 7Apr 27
Dottor Sorriso La magia di un sorriso45596Apr 4Apr 17
Terre des hommesLa Casa di Timmi45591Apr 15Apr 21
Emergenza SorrisiUn messaggio per un Sorriso45594Apr 21May 11
CasaAmicaRaddoppia l'Accoglienza45588Apr 18May 1
NUTRIAID1000GIORNIZEROFAME - Nutriamo il futuro dei bambini45585Apr 28May 11

Self-regulation code

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Codice di autoregolamentazione

Codice di Auregolamentazione per la gestione delle numerazioni utilizzate per le raccolte fondi telefoniche per fini benefici di utilita’ sociale (redatto ai sensi dell’art. 22, comma 7 dell’allegato a alla delibera n. 8/15/cir e s.m.i. come integrato dalla delibera 17/17/cir)

The engagement of Wind Tre

As an established tradition within both Wind and H3G, Wind Tre employees participate to solidarity initiatives promoted by the company, both in terms of direct participation and shared choices.

Thanks to a valuable partnership with the Italian Red Cross and AVIS, Wind Tre employees can twice a year participate to the blood donation days at the company offices in Rome, Milan, Ivrea and Pozzuoli. A simple yet extremely important solidarity gesture. Remaining on the topic of healthcare, every year in May Wind Tre employees participate in Rome to the Race For the Cure, the fundraising marathon for the fight against breast cancer and for raising public awareness of the importance of prevention. Wind Tre makes a matching donation equal to the same amount paid by its employees for their registrations.

Every year, from May to November, some Wind Tre professionals can dedicate, as mentors, more than 100 hours by scholastic institute involved to training, meetings and discussions on the most relevant current issues useful for work, in the initiative Wind Tre adotta una scuola (Wind Tre adopts a school), conducted in collaboration with Fondazione Sodalitas in the cities of Milan, Rome, and Naples.
It’s a training and professional programme lasting 7 months that accompanies the pupils from the 4th to the 5th year of upper secondary school and, in parallel with the school syllabus, helps them acquire many of the skills necessary to successfully enter the world of work, by favouring the development of their personal attitudes and allowing them to experiment with real work situations, as a factor of choice of their professional path and/or further studies. Students are followed by their own mentors, with personalized questionnaires and the simulation of job interviews for discovering their expectations, in preparation for their two weeks summer internships with Wind Tre or other companies, that allows the kids involved to discover the company world at 360°.   

Through the “Insieme Si Può” (Together We Can) initiative, every year from September to December all Wind Tre employees are engaged in the process of proposing and voting on the solidarity initiatives eligible to receive a contribution from the company, through the corporate intranet. This shared method of selecting the charity favors the initiatives located near the corporate offices, where the employees can participate as volunteers. 
The special Committee of the initiative, made up of experts from various company functions, is in charge for the legal and organizational aspects, and verifies the compliance with the initiative’s regulations of the non-profit proponents and of the submitted projects. In the 2017 edition 40 project proposal were collected, and the Committee ultimately admitted 30 projects to the final vote on the corporate Intranet. The three most voted projects, plus the most voted among the projects with a focus on the earthquake that struck central Italy in 2016, were financed by the company.

Raise the awareness of youngsters as to a correct digital use

Wind Tre participates in the Safer Internet Day 2017 and in the day for network security, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, University and Research, created and promoted by the European Commission, to raise the awareness of youngsters to the use of the web and new technologies. The company confirms the attention and the engagement it has towards the protection of minors and the correct use of the tools of the digital world  which have characterized the two constituent companies.

The project “Una Vita da Social” (A Social Life) is the most important educational campaign to raise the awareness and prevent risks on the net and on the responsible use of the web. In 2016 both Wind and Tre were alongside the Postal Police, the Ministry of Education and the Authority of childhood and adolescence for the campaign. The itinerant truck travelled over 18.000 km and reached 130 cities, 150.000 students, 800.000 schools, 25.000 parents and 10.800 teachers participated. In 2016, the Facebook page had 700.000 followers, thanks to the participation of artists and performers which actively expressed their opinions on the initiative and posted messages on legality for youngsters.