Community Initiatives

This section collects the company social initiatives to engage clients and employees to support social projects for the community

Charity numbers

Wind and Tre offer non-profit organizations charity numbers since 2004. In 2016 both companies supported 116 initiatives, raising overall 7 million euros, donated entirely to the applicant charity organizations.

On October 1st 2016 the Consortium “Dono Per”, founded on March 30th 2015 by the associates Tim, Vodafone and Wind, started to operate. The “Dono per” consortium is non-profit and is targeted to charity initiatives with the use of charity numbers (455XY), offering additional services subject to the payment of a fee, with respect to the current laws. Since the consortium is non-profit-making, any operating income will be used for social projects or will be re-invested in social activities.
  • 2018

Codice di autoregolamentazione

Codice di Auregolamentazione per la gestione delle numerazioni utilizzate per le raccolte fondi telefoniche per fini benefici di utilita’ sociale (redatto ai sensi dell’art. 22, comma 7 dell’allegato a alla delibera n. 8/15/cir e s.m.i. come integrato dalla delibera 17/17/cir)

All Inclusive Solidale

With All Inclusive Solidale, Wind Tre supports the campaigns to help those in our country that, today, live in poverty.

Thanks to “All Inclusive Solidale”  Wind customers can contribute with 50 cent and support  the intiviative Banco Alimentare, that redistributes surplus food for free, to charitable structures that help people in need all over Italy.  

The engagement of Wind Tre

In line with the past of the two constituent companies, the Wind Tre employees actively participate in charity initiatives promoted by the company promote new ones.

One of the first combined company initiatives, in May, is the participation to the Race for the Cure, the marathon to raise awareness and raise funds for the fight against breast cancer. Wind Tre makes a “matching donation” for the funds raised by the employees with their registrations.

Also in May, there will be the 5th edition of the project “Wind Tre adotta una scuola” (adopts a school) in the cities of Milan, Rome and Naples. As mentors, 18 employees will donate over 100 hours of their time to the school for training, meetings, current event topics and business activities. Each student will have their own mentor who will help them with personalized forms and with a simulation of a first job interview in order to highlight the student’s expectations before a two week summer stage in Wind Tre or in another company. 

In October the company will organize the blood donations in our company headquarters in Rome, Milan, Ivrea and Naples, thanks to the special collaboration of the Italian Red Cross and Avis.

Raise the awareness of youngsters as to a correct digital use

Wind Tre participates in the Safer Internet Day 2017 and in the day for network security, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, University and Research, created and promoted by the European Commission, to raise the awareness of youngsters to the use of the web and new technologies. The company confirms the attention and the engagement it has towards the protection of minors and the correct use of the tools of the digital world  which have characterized the two constituent companies.

The project “Una Vita da Social” (A Social Life) is the most important educational campaign to raise the awareness and prevent risks on the net and on the responsible use of the web. In 2016 both Wind and Tre were alongside the Postal Police, the Ministry of Education and the Authority of childhood and adolescence for the campaign. The itinerant truck travelled over 18.000 km and reached 130 cities, 150.000 students, 800.000 schools, 25.000 parents and 10.800 teachers participated. In 2016, the Facebook page had 700.000 followers, thanks to the participation of artists and performers which actively expressed their opinions on the initiative and posted messages on legality for youngsters.