Wind Tre-Supernap Partnership

Day Gruppo Up (Day Ristoservice) will be the first customer of the latest generation ICT solutions offered by Wind Tre Business

Wind Tre, the largest Italian mobile operator, and SUPERNAP Italia, the largest and most advanced data center in Southern Europe, have signed an important mutual partnership for the supply of latest generation ICT services to small and large enterprises, provided by the new brand Wind Tre Business. The agreement brings Wind Tre Business into the SUPERNAP Italia ecosystem of cloud providers, allowing Wind Tre to use one of the most cutting-edge data centers in the world, through which it can provide its customers with ICT transformation and connected cloud services with the highest quality standards while simultaneously ensuring maximum security and logical and physical integrity of the data. SUPERNAP Italia will also benefit from the ultrabroadband services made available by Wind Tre's fiber infrastructure, which will link the data center in Siziano (PV) to the metropolitan area of Milan. […]The first customer of the new Wind Tre Business services, made possible by SUPERNAP Italia, will be Day Gruppo Up (Day Ristoservice), a leader in the field of paper and digital ticket restaurants, serving over 16,000 companies and more than 110,000 local partners. Wind Tre Business will provide dedicated racks and cloud services as well as a disaster recovery protocol to face any emergencies and Day Gruppo Up (Day Ristoservice) the security needed to manage and retain sensitive data. The partnership will also provide connectivity in "Multi-Protocol Label Switching" between Day Gruppo Up (Day Ristoservice) in Bologna and Wind Tre’s dedicated data centers.