Wind: the new brand campaign is on air

The unique voice of Rosario Fiorello tells the emotions of Wind customers

Rome, 7th May 2018 - Wind is on air next may 6th with a new campaign, the first made with the collaboration of agency TBWA where emotions are the absolute protagonists that spell the different moments in people's lives. The pay-off “ closer" that expresses the value of proximity to the customers is graphically more and more familiar and renewed by a hand written italics, like an ideal dedication to each single Wind customer.

In this new advertising the brand of the company led by Jeffrey Hedberg, confirms Wind positioning as a “solid choice” for families, underlying the value of trust.

Claudia Erba Head of Advertising at Wind Tre, says: “For Wind, like the 3 brand , we have worked in these months for a “brand and advertising refresh”, but without forgetting our communication style. We studied, the manager continues, a new formula of mixing “smartness” with the values, re-inventing the role of the testimonial”.

In the new commercial the small but important daily experiences are connected by a thread that links people and situations in which each one can identify.

Rosario Fiorello unique voice of the italian tv and radio, brings the viewer in this path, telling us with his “” over voice" the emotions of the protagonists and share a moment of personal life, together with his husky pet Lao. 

The ad is planned with 45, 30, 20 seconds cuts, on the major networks and tv channels and is available on Wind Youtube channel.

Technological partner of the campaign is Huawei with the new range of smartphone P20 and P20 pro recently launched on the market.