Wind Tre is main partner of the 38th Edition of the Rimini Meeting

Wind Tre supports, for the seventh consecutive year, the Rimini Meeting, one of the most important events in Italy to discuss economic, socio-political and cultural themes. 

The event, held at the Rimini Expo Centre until 26th August, focuses on the following topic: “All that you have, bequeathed you by your father, earn it in order to possess it”. At the heart of the debate, there are the values of moral heritage and inner strength that our father left us.

On Thursday 24th August, at 11.15 PM, Massimo Angelini, PR Internal & External Communication Director at Wind Tre, will take part to the Large Companies: Which Opportunities For Youth roundtable, in the Illumia C3 room. 

An opportunity to talk about young people’s future, innovation and new technology development: these are key elements for Wind Tre, which is playing a primary role in our Country’s Digital Transformation process.