Wind Tre increases the network coverage inside the new Polo del Gusto of Amatrice

The tlc company is proud to accept an important challenge such as Amatrice relaunch

Rome, May 30, 2018 – Wind Tre, together with the Municipality of Amatrice, designed and realized a network infrastructure, named “Repeater Lte 800mhz Mimo”, in order to strengthen 4G coverage inside the new Polo del Gusto area, symbol of the little village nearby Rieti. A success
which relaunches the main food service activities of Amatrice after 2016 earthquake.

The new Wind Tre infrastructure allows to effectively increase, following the interventions made after the earthquake, the transmission band available both in upload and in download. In particular, a “donor antenna” and two “coverages antennas” ensure an uniform radio coverage all
across the Polo del Gusto area. The performances measured show a noteworthy improvement in 4G speed, as well as a more complete and efficient general coverage of the area.

Filippo Palombini, acting mayor of Amatrice, says: “on behalf of the citizens of Amatrice, I’m grateful to Wind Tre for this modern and functioning infrastructure. Technology is now a daily element for all of us, he adds, and strengthening the 4G coverage of our Polo del Gusto means to actually support tourism, which has always been a key element for the local economy growth”.