Wind Tre: the integration of the new network in Milan has been completed

Quality, value and innovation for consumer and business customers

Rome, 16th April 2018 - “The creation of a single mobile network in Milan through the integration and modernization of the Wind and 3 networks confirms once again Wind Tre’s leadership in responding to customer requirements with innovation and the provisioning of high-quality infrastructure”, Jeffrey Hedberg, the CEO of Wind Tre, affirms in the launch of the new single network in Milan. “We are delighted at Wind Tre to launch our single network in Milan, leading to substantial improvements in quality, connection speeds and coverage. Wind Tre has committed to invest Euro 6 billion over 5 years in quality and innovation across all of our “customer touchpoints”, and by leveraging this investment we will continue to differentiate ourselves in the market. Quality, value and “customer experience” will be the key deliverables as we work with all partners to enable a modern infrastructure and service capability to accelerate Italy’s digital transformation”. 

The new Wind Tre mobile network in Milan is a further step forward in consolidating and modernizing our infrastructure across Italy. This modernization has already been achieved in Trieste, Agrigento and Bologna, and we are completing the final stages in Rome, Ascoli Piceno, Alessandria, Bari and Cosenza.

The new infrastructure will provide considerable advantages in quality and speed to both consumers and business customers. Indeed, performance levels recently measured in Milan have actually shown significant increases in 4G speeds, of up to 250%, and a further notable improvement in coverage, especially indoors.
Leveraging the billions of euros we are investing in the new Wind Tre infrastructure, this project will continue throughout 2018 creating an extensive and modern network across Italy with 21,000 transmission sites with 4.5G technology, and extensive frequency availability. Moreover, the new network, enabled by our innovative cloud architecture and investment in fiber, ensures the network’s flexibility and capability to immediately provision 5G for our customers.

To celebrate this achievement, Wind Tre has launched a communications campaign in Milan for the new integrated network in the city, using the slogan “L’unione fa la rete”.