Wind Tre: the integration of the new network in Bologna has been completed

There are numerous advantages for consumer and business customers in the important capital of the Emilia Romagna region

Bologna, March 19th 2018 - The new mobile network run by Wind Tre, the company led by Jeffrey Hedberg, comes to Bologna, in the capital of a region which is one of the most productive and dynamic in Europe. The merger of Wind and 3’s mobile networks, which has been finalized in the city of the two towers, follows the consolidation processes already carried out in Trieste and Agrigento, and which is
nearing an end in other important areas too, such as Milan, Rome, Ascoli Piceno, Alessandria, Bari and Cosenza.

The work to extend the new Wind Tre infrastructure will continue throughout 2018. The aim is to create an extensive, far-reaching and modern network in Italy, with over 21,000 transmission sites with 4.5G technology, and significant frequency availability. 

The new Wind Tre mobile network in Bologna provides considerable advantages both to private clients and for local companies. The performance levels which have recently been measured in the city actually show a notable improvement – of up to 250% - in speed from 4G, and a further and distinct improvement in coverage for Wind, 3 and Wind Tre Business clients.

Benoit Hanssen, CTO at Wind Tre, said that “Bologna is amongst the main Italian cities to benefit from the company’s new single network, which can ensure high performance levels in terms of coverage, service quality and connection speed.  We feel proud, Hanssen added, to have successfully completed the consolidation of the new network in this prestigious city, which is known around the world for its
towers, its numerous ancient porticos, and for the excellence of its University

With the launch of the new, integrated network in Bologna, Wind Tre has launched a communications campaign in the city, using the slogan “L’unione fa la rete”.