Wind Tre wins the special CMMC award for the best ‘App & Chatbot Virtual Assistance’

The ‘Area Clienti 3’ is the most innovative mobile self-care application

Milan, 18 April 2018 – Wind Tre has won the special CMMC award for the best ‘App & Chatbot Virtual Assistance’. The CMMC Club (Customer Management Multimedia Competence), which every year identifies areas of excellence in customer care, has given Wind Tre the important recognition for its ChatBot integrated within the ‘Area Clienti 3’ app (3 Client Area), which acts as a virtual agent, thanks to the most
innovative artificial intelligence technology.

The ‘Area Clienti 3’ self-care application has been speficially recognised for its ability to integrate digital and human language in a synergetic and productive way. The virtual agent, which has been created in partnership with Network Contacts and Piksel, is able to interact with customers through a neutral language, with a high level of precision. Proof of how well received this service is comes from the fact that the ChatBot integrated in the ‘Area Clienti 3’ app is used every month by around 500,000 customers of the “3” brand, who generate a total of around ten million interactions a year.

Wind Tre has also got up on the podium for its use of customer management technology, because of Almawave’s evolved speech analytics platform, which is used in contact centres. This advanced technology means that intervention times can be optimised, and precise and customised answers provided to various different requests, with the aim of further improving customer satisfaction to make the assistance process increasingly useful, efficient and omni-channel. 

The prestigious prizes obtained by Wind Tre at the CMMC awards confirm the commitment of the company to provide, at every single stage of the customer journey, a top-level usage experience and a high level of engagement, through the contact channels. Thanks to the application of AI technology in the customer care area, Wind Tre has actually managed to innovate the way it interacts with its clients, to offer high-quality assistance, which is increasingly digitally-orientated.