Wind Tre brings Open Fiber FTTH ultrafast connection also in Salerno

Rome, october 31, 2018 - Wind Tre, together with Open Fiber, is the first telecoms provider to bring in Salerno the ultra-fast fiber with Fiber-To-The-Home technology (FTTH), the only which allows to arrive directly into citizens’ homes and offices. 

Wind Tre and Open Fiber services are based on an infrastructure that ensures the best browsing performances and supports a high speed connection of up to 1 Gigabit per second. 

Wind Tre ultra-fast line is available with a set of convergent offers, including up to 1000 Mbps fiber connection and a lot of mobile Giga: those who choose Wind Fiber can have 100 Giga to be shared with the family’s sim cards for, while those who choose 3 offer can have unlimited Giga on their smartphones.