"Closer to you"

History, vision, mission, values and brand communication

Wind innovated the range of services and offers in Italy aiming at the new market standards: the integration of phone services, the digital evolution, the global response of the communication requirements of people and companies.

It was moreover the main alternative operator of broadband services in Italy with 2.3 million clients, thanks to the launch of ULL (Unbundling Local Loop) services in 2002 for consumer and business clients.

Wind, with its values clarity, transparency and simplicity aims at innovation offering specific services for “digital natives” and new products to improve the lifestyles of their clients through the interaction of phone, safety and free time.

The bee

Why limit our ability and desire to communicate?

  • Clarity

    Wind provides clearly understandable commercial offers to our clients. The offers are clear and immediately available. Our testimonials have a distinct and transparent presentation style and are the perfect ambassadors for our values.
  • Transparency

    Our rates are transparent and profitable. Wind fosters open and constant dialogue with customers, consumer associations, shareholders, financial community, employees, trade unions, institutions, suppliers and business partners.
  • Simplicity

    Wind continues to improve the quality of its distribution channels and to strengthen its sales channel to make it easier to access products and services. Customer Care Wind is committed to simplifying the use of customer service, with clear, simple and fast processes.