"The future you want"

History, vision, mission, values and brand communication

Tre has always distinguished itself for its innovative and pioneering approach which allowed it to reach several records on the market: after the launch of the first UMTS service in 2003, the following year, the company brought Italians in the new world of the mobile internet thanks to the “all-inclusive” formula in the Italian market.
Tre was the first operator to launch the mobile TV with UMTS technology, with the scheduling of the best shows of national and international broadcasters, and the TVphone. Tre was also the first operator to strive towards the mobile broadband as a growth driver, developing typical products and services of the 2.0 Web.

Thanks to the agreements signed by the big players of the Web, Tre launches the first set of offers regarding 3G mobile internet services e several “social-phones”; it also introduced a range of new generation Wi-Fi products, making the mobile internet even more accessible to the mass market. 
The only Italian operator which completed the transformation into full IP (Internet Protocol) of the backbone and of the backhauling of its network Tre launched the 4G-LTE services at the end of 2012 and the Advances-LTE services in January 2015.


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  • Transparency

    Tre believes in transparency towards their customers: we want to give our customers a clear vision of what is happening today and in the future. Tre is open towards everybody and wants to be in touch with everybody. Tre thinks that this is the only way to be truly transparent.
  • Innovation

    Tre provides a glimpse into the future. Our mission is to offer a better future to everybody, the future that our customers have always wanted. This future offers simplicity, but at the same time is full of pleasant surprises. We never stop inventing and re-inventing ourselves. We never stop experimenting and looking at the world from a different perspective because the future is for those who have the courage to innovate.
  • Technology

    Tre is a symbol of change, growth and evolution. A new world where we provide our customers with the best technology to make the change they have always wanted. A technology inspired by our customers, their needs, their dreams. A technology always friendly and never difficult that helps overcome limits, and never creates them. We give our customers the future they want providing all the technology they need.